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Monday, April 11, 2016

Thanks for the inspiration!  It is so much heavier than I thought it would be!!!!  Be prepared to have some help mounting it. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thank you so much for the blog post!  My wife found you via Pinterest and was exactly what she was attempting to explain to me that she wanted.  I am pretty handy, but this was my first big full build of something.  I followed your design except for the cabinets.  I got 3 super cheap cabinets on Craigslist ($15 each!) but didn't realize until I was home that they were full overlay cabinets, so I had to improvise around that.  Ended up putting some 2x2s in between each and ripping down some 1x2s into 0.75x2s to lay across the top/bottom.

I was working alone and knew it would be a multi-week process (ended up being about 3.5 weeks), so I didn't do it as a built-in, just a very-close-to-the-wall unit.  (Also means there is possibility of us moving it...somehow).  I built the bottom in the garage and carried it in so I could build the top in the garage (limited space on my third of the garage).  Due to freezing temperatures, I had to paint inside.  So I painted the bottom inside and then put it into position. Then carried the top in and painted it.  The top is held on by two 1x2s screwed into the plywood of the base + side shelves.  There's a set of L brackets attached to the wall behind the crown molding at the top just in case too!  Both sets were heavier than I expected, but doable with just me and a friend.

I've been wanting to mount the tv for years, but my wife wouldn't let me until we had a full unit to hide wires, hold devices, etc.  Now the TV is safely out of fingerprint range of our munchkins! Thanks again! 

My materials totaled almost $500: spread out nicely between Lowe's, Menard's, and CL. :-)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Jeff and Sue (Finished!  Marriage intact!)

These DIY'ers used the DIY Built In post as a guide for their own Built In Entertainment Unit.  The completed project is slightly smaller at 72" wide by 84" tall.  They used 1 - 36" wide by 30" high upper kitchen cabinet (to be used for the middle cabinet) and 2 - 18" wide by 30" high upper kitchen cabinet (to be used on each end).  Their side shelves are 17" wide.  They also made the top shelf and side shelves removable for a larger tv down the road.  They complimented the white cabinets with a two toned look and added the additional lighting giving it more pop.  GREAT JOB!

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